Learning Partnerships

The following is a list of partners and other organizations integral to our work.  We thank each one for the role that they play to complement and deepen our work, and to help our students to be their best.  (Links to all organizations are provided as a courtesy and are not maintained or monitored by RISD). 

Hood Museum

Students in 4th Grade visit the Hood Museum multiple times during the year and participate in guided explorations and interactive activities. Each visit includes time in the galleries, where students discuss and learn about works of art. After students complete hands-on projects in the Hood Art Studio that relate to what they learned during their visit to the galleries.  

Hulbert Outdoor Center

Fifth Grade students spend every other Friday at the Hulbert Outdoor Center and 4th Grade students usually spend one full day at the end of the school year. Students focus on team building activities, leadership skills, personal challenge, and outdoor skills development. The experience at the Hulbert Outdoor Center sharpens the students’ ability to focus, collaborate, and trust each other. Experience on the ropes courses offer unique challenges and opportunities for learning and bonding as a group.  

Montshire STEM Alliance Program

Rivendell's partnership with the Montshire started in 2008 when the two organizations began to discuss the ways in which the museum could collaborate with Rivendell to enhance science education in the classroom, and in the process connect the Montshire more closely with the work of schools. Rivendell was the first school district to partner with the Montshire. Over the years the program has changed and evolved and the Montshire is pleased to continue to partner with SME!  

Montshire Museum of Science is committed to supporting local and regional teachers & schools to provide opportunities for high quality science teaching and learning through the Montshire STEM Alliance program. The Museum recognizes that long-term relationships with schools and their faculty are at the heart of sustainable change and growth in instructional practice. Therefore, our work with schools is rooted in partnership between and among school leaders, teachers, and the museum’s expertise and educational resources. 

The Montshire works to support individual teachers across grade levels to incorporate inquiry-based science and engineering lessons aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards into their instructional practice, while supporting school leadership in their efforts to align and prioritize school and district-wide science teaching and learning.  

Teachers have reported that this enhanced partnership is improving not only the instruction of science but students' understanding and love of science. 

Northern Stage  

Rivendell has partnered with Northern Stage Bridge Up Program to bring a five-week residency program to our schools. Teaching artists join students and teachers in exploring text and history, reading and memorizing lines and developing props and costumes. The performance of the Shakespearean play at Northern State is the culminating experience for students and families.  

Rivendell Trails Association  

Rivendell Trail Association (RTA) is a local, non-profit organization dedicated to maintenance of the Cross Rivendell Trail, community integration and involvement in efforts on the CRT, and place-based education on the CRT. The Rivendell Trails Association promotes the CRT as a new avenue for recreation in the four towns of the Rivendell Interstate School District. We encourage students, faculty, community members and others to enjoy the CRT as an outdoor classroom and we hope that it helps connect our current and future generations to the history, ecology and culture of their home landscape. The RTA meets most months to set priorities, organize events and share ideas. RTA members include students, Rivendell faculty, community members and the general public. 

Leaning at the Hood Museum in Hanover, NH
Learning at the Hulbert Outdoor Center
Students at Hulbert Outdoor Center
Students Performing at the Northern Stage Theater
All School Hike on the Cross Rivendell Trail